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Part 3:
Optimized Hybrid Workplace

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Key Takeaways:

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Optimize your space to support the needs of your unique workforce

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Promote the physical office as a place for connection, collaboration, and creativity

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Make informed and strategic decisions about your real estate footprint

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Workplace Transformation Webcast Series

A phased approach to transforming the management of your workplace

The pandemic initiated a shift in how organizations manage their workforce. Whether your workplace strategy is traditional, assigned workspaces, or non-traditional, shared and reservable spaces, or a combination of both, there are many approaches to how you can effectively manage your workforce for long term success, and to be ready for any future scenarios. 

Join us for a 3-part workplace transformation series where we will walk you through three different approaches to how you can reimagine and transform your workplace experience: digital, hybrid, and optimized hybrid workplace management


Part 2: Optimized Hybrid Workplace

Future-Proof Your Workplace for Long-Term Success

Organizations are implementing changes to their workplace strategy that are future-proof and contribute to long-term success. An optimized hybrid workplace approach provides organizations with the opportunity to right-size their real estate portfolio while supporting employee engagement, well-being, and productivity.

Join FM:Systems and CADD Microsystems to learn how you can embrace the cultural shift towards hybrid workplaces and reap the benefits of a real estate portfolio that is optimized for your unique workforce.

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Jennifer Heath

Director of Product Marketing


Justin Friedman, CADD Microsystems

Justin Friedman

Practice Manager

CADD Microsystems

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