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Part 1: Digital Workplace

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Key Takeaways:

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Improve efficiencies with digitizing your workplace management

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Make data-driven strategic decisions about space utilization

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Gain value and insights from your existing space

Workplace Transformation Webcast Series

A phased approach to transforming the management of your workplace

The pandemic initiated a shift in how organizations manage their workforce. Whether your workplace strategy is traditional, assigned workspaces, or non-traditional, shared and reservable spaces, or a combination of both, there are many approaches to how you can effectively manage your workforce for long term success, and to be ready for any future scenarios. 

Join us for a 3-part workplace transformation series where we will walk you through three different approaches to how you can reimagine and transform your workplace experience: digital, hybrid, and optimized hybrid workplace management


Part 1: Digital Workplace

Improve Workplace Efficiency by Digitizing Your Space

Digitize the management of your space to improve efficiencies and make more strategic decisions about how your space is being utilized. Join FM:Systems and AMS Workplace Technology as they walk through how you can approach a digital workplace transformation. This approach consists of managing employees who work at an assigned desk, as well as employees who need to reserve a desk or room for a given period of time. Learn how you can get the most value from the space you already have, and hear real life examples of how you can become more efficient with this method.


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AMS Workplace Technology

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