Workspace Management Debate:
Traditional vs. Non-Traditional Office Seating

The benefits, downsides & value of workforce management strategies


Don't miss this ultimate debate between traditional (assigned workspaces) & non-traditional (shared, reservable spaces) methods of workspace management.

Brian Haines & Jeff Roof go head-to-head over these different methods & talk through the pros, cons, & values of each strategy.

Will Brian, the believer in traditional seating, or will Jeff, the strategist for flexible, open desk management take the lead? This debate was moderated by Rob Norin, FM:Systems VP of Global Channel Sales, to find out for yourself which method is best fit for your organization.

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Key takeaways from this webcast:

space mgt
Key benefits of both a traditional and non-traditional office strategy
Discover which method is the best fit for your organization.
Review the value of having a worksforce management strategy.