How Samsung & Highmark Health are Navigating Their Workplace Return

A return to the office is first and foremost about people, and this is top of mind for HR and facility professionals. HR manages the employee lifecycle & polices, and is responsible for employee health and wellness. Working with other departments such as facilities and real estate, their role is essential in helping to determine how employees can return safely & effectively and assist in the transition by truly understanding their feelings and needs. 

As we look to return to the office, organizations will not only need to adopt new flexible ways of working to remain competitive in the talent battle, but also look critically at the purpose of the workplace and its redefined use.

Watch this webcast to hear what AMS Workplace Technology and FM:Systems are doing to help organizations return to the office by engaging in discussion with Brian Philip, Head of General Affairs at Samsung Electronics America, and Mark Tishko, Corporate Real Estate Services Project Manager at Highmark Health.

You'll learn how you can plan for a new hybrid work environment by working with HR, facilities, real estate, and others by leveraging technology to successfully navigate and support this next step in the continually evolving workplace journey

Key takeaways from this webcast include:

  •  How technology can support data-driven real estate decision making by capturing and evaluating space utilization to rationalize the portfolio based on new workplace needs
  • How technology will play a key part in the adoption of a flexible workplace strategy by providing employees with the ability to book workspaces that best fits their needs
  • How the employee experience of returning to the office in a safe, effective manner can be better supported using technology and mobile devices