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Work on the Move 3:
Building a Better Workplace after the Pandemic

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Key Takeaways:

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Global workplace trends & key issues facing the FM industry

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The future of sustainability in the aftermath of the pandemic

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Technology for managing health & well-being in the workplace

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Key issues of workplace health and well-being

Preparing for the Future of Hybrid Work

As organizations around the world recover from the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, they are quickly realizing that the workplace they left is not the one they are returning to. The role of workplace management has forever changed.  We are being faced with new challenges associated in delivering effective workplaces, seriously addressing the importance of sustainability and working to improve workplace health and occupant well-being.

This is what prompted a team of nineteen industry experts to come together and collaborate in the writing of Work on the Move 3, a significant book just published by the IFMA Foundation and for which FM:Systems was pleased to be a Platinum sponsor.  The book addresses the new hybrid workplace, design for the post-pandemic workplace, sustainability and planetary health and our growing dependence on technology to deliver workplaces where people can perform at their best, every day, wherever they are.

Join our panel of authors from the Work on the Move 3 as they share expertise to help business leaders prepare for the workplace of the future.


Diane Levine, IFMA

Diane Levine



mike schley circle

Mike Schley

Book co-editor and author

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Alexi Marmot

Book co-editor and author

chris hood

Chris Hood

Book Author