How to Alleviate Risk and Avoid Disruption with IWMS Technology

Brian Haines, FM:System's VP of Strategy, and David Kornegay, Solutions Engineer, led this webcast that discussed how IWMS technology (Integrated Workplace Management Solution) is critical to proactively managing planned and unplanned facility renovations to alleviate risk and avoid disruption in the workplace.

Having data-driven insights into facility space allows for the uninterrupted management of your renovations including schedules and tasks, scenario planning, move management, project coordination, and more.

Watch the webcast to learn how to:

  • Improves the coordination and efficiency of planned capital facility projects to maximize the uptime of space and assets
  • Enables you to respond quickly to unplanned facility renovation projects caused by system failures and unpredictable events to get operations back up and running quickly
  • Minimizes disruption in workflows for planning, managing and executing projects to have effective and cost-saving facility renovations


Who will be speaking?

Brian Haines

VP of Strategy,

David Kornegay

Solutions Engineer,