Verdantix’s Space Management Maturity Framework identifies areas for improvement across your organization

This webcast was led by Susan Clarke, Principal Analyst from independent analyst firm Verdantix, that explored market trends that are pushing strategic space management to the top of the real estate industry today.

This webcast gave a first view into a new ‘Space Management Maturity Model’ that facility and real estate executives can use to identify how to take their space management strategy forward and maximize returns. Corporate executives will learn what actions their organization should take to move their space efficiency strategy to the next phase.

Watch this webcast to gain an understanding of:

  • Why having a space management strategy is critical to gain visibility into how your organization's space is being utilized
  • The importance of understanding your space management maturity to pinpoint areas for improvement across your facility portfolio
  • How to benchmark yourself against various space-related categories using the Space Management Maturity Model, including space management strategy, policies and governance, employee experience, data quality, technological capability and analytics as well as IT security and data privacy

Who will be speaking?

Susan Clarke

Principal Analyst,