The Past, Present, and Future of Texas Higher Education Space Management

Texas universities face a number of strict reporting requirements, whether it be from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board or the annual space reporting needed to build F&A proposals and generate indirect cost recovery. With tight budgets and multiple space requirements as a part of this accrediting process, there is a growing need to maximize the use of existing facilities and modernize reporting.

The University of North Texas (UNT) has made manual reporting a thing of the past and presently leverages automated, real-time reporting of their campus space utilization. This webcast will answer the most pressing questions universities have about transitioning from manual to automated and streamlined processes that fulfill campus space reporting requirements. UNT shared lessons learned, what the impact has been at their university, and provided examples of how faculty and staff now make data-driven decisions for campus planning and management.

Key takeaways from this webcast include:

  • How UNT was able to change their Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) reporting from a difficult process to an efficient process
  • How UNT is leveraging data to make informed, strategic decisions about research space allocation
  • What the future of campus space planning will look like as universities begin to integrate IoT technology and connected systems that analyze real-time utilization data