Understanding the Smart Campus

Join us at Lightfair to hear Brian Haines, Vice President of Strategy at FM:Systems; Gary Meshberg, Director of Industry and Market Engagement at OSRAM; and Brian Dykstra, Electrical Engineer II at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, discuss how networked lighting control systems offer amazing potential not only to integrate building control but also control of entire campuses, notably college and university campuses.
At a single workstation, facility operators can fine-tune, measure, monitor, and maintain their lighting system while generating data that can be used to improve operational efficiency along with the occupant experience and safety. In this session we explore how networked lighting control systems can form the foundation of a modest Internet of Things solution for college and university and campuses. This session also provides case studies as examples of different approaches based on different needs.

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Key learning objectives from this digital event include:

Select a level of networked lighting control system appropriate for various campus needs.
Apply networked lighting control to generate data for enhancing operational efficiencies and occupant experience.
Apply networked lighting control to monitor and maintain the lighting system for safety.
Apply networked lighting control to optimize energy cost savings.