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Corporate real estate (CRE) metrics have traditionally focused on cost and efficiency. Yet an organization’s most valuable resource is its people.

Will COVID-19 reverse the trend of reducing square footage per employee and shift the focus from space-centric to human-centric measurements? Or will companies place greater priority on reducing expenses? 

Join Michael Gresty, FM:Systems VP of Analytics, as he dives into key space utilization forecasts and metric recommendations that will help you re-enter your workplace and deliver data driven insights to drive decisions in this new "normal."

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Key Takeaways

  • Understand how business disruptions and prolonged uncertainty ushered in by COVID-19 will transform companies’ real estate and leasing strategies.
  • Learn how trends driving a greater focus on people over space will accelerate as employees return to the workplace. 
  • Learn how organizations will proactively adapt to plan for future pandemics and disrupting forces. 
Michael Gresty

Who will be speaking?

Michael Gresty

VP Workplace Analytics, FM:Systems

Michael has previously accumulated over 25 years of experience advising Fortune 500 companies on various aspects of design, corporate real estate and sustainability. He has served as a consultant to senior executives on the development and management of more efficient buildings and on the integration of sustainability into company strategy, operations and culture, following a early career as a software engineer. Michael has extensive experience working across multiple sectors with dozens of leading companies.