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The State of the Workplace

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Questions we are asking:

  • Are employees returning to the office?
  • Do incentives to bring employees into the office work?
  • Is hybrid work here to stay?
  • How do I know how much space I need now, and how do I make the most of it?
  • Do you see additional major shifts in where/how people work coming in the next year?

Panel discussion answering your most pressing questions on the current and future workplace

We’ve all experienced vast changes to where and how we work over the last few years. And while there may be no return to “normal,” employees around the globe are trying to make better sense of what the future of work holds. During this 45-minute panel discussion, attendees will hear our experts take on current workplace trends and their perspectives on what they see coming up with the future of workplace management.

Hear from our panel of experts, representing executive leadership, facilities, and human resources, on the current state of the workplace.


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Kurt von Koch



Brian Haines

Chief Strategy Officer


Charity Hall

Director of People Operations


Jennifer Heath

Director of Product Marketing