Leveraging Sensor Technology to Meet the Changing Needs of Your Organization

Organizations are more serious than ever about implementing a new working environment–the smart office, which brings together technologies, from connected devices and applications to integrated workplace software that helps manage and provide the flexibility that today's employee's require.

Prior to COVID-19, remote workers comprised of 40% of the U.S. workforce. Now, flexibility is no longer a perk but an expectation when returning to the workplace. Organizations have to embrace digital technology to maximize employee productivity when they are in and out of the office, and to optimize space and resources when they go remote. Is your workplace optimized to support this new normal? 

FM:Systems hosts a monthly demo where we explore how the combined strength of digital workplace solutions provide organizations with the foundation to identify, plan and deliver a safe workplace re-entry.

In this demo, we focused on our sensor solutions and how organizations can leverage utilization and environmental sensor technology to safeguard employees in the workplace while acquiring and analyzing workspace utilization to drive data-driven decisions in this new normal. FM:Systems also shared how we are leveraging our own technology to better manage our safe return to the office.

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