How Samsung Creates a People-first Workplace with Facility Management Technology

Brian Philip, Head of Facility Management at Samsung Electronics America, led a live Q&A webcast where he shared insights on how Samsung uses facility management technology to execute strategic workplace imperatives that drive business growth while creating the most efficient and engaging environment for employees.

Brian discussed how facility software is an integral part of activating & refining the following people-first initiatives:

  • Activity Based Working & Change Management
  • Integrated Facility Management
  • Workplace Experience


Brian shared successes and best practices developed from using workplace management technology at various organizations and how it has supported key business enablers including business continuity planning, situational awareness and capital improvement.

This is a great opportunity to identify areas in your organization that will increase workplace efficiency, effectiveness, and employee engagement by hearing an internationally-recognized facility management thought leader, and learning about his journey implementing and utilizing facility management technologies at three world leading firms.