2022 Refocus & Rationalize the Workplace Report



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Key Takeaways

With many U.S. organizations moving past the initial challenges of employees returning to work in the post-pandemic world, business leaders are under renewed pressure to think differently about their corporate real estate. 

In our "2022 Refocus and Rationalize the Workplace" study, we surveyed business leaders in HR, finance, facilities, and real estate to learn how they’re keeping up with delivering the right spaces and experiences for the people who use them amid this new wave of change and uncertainty. 

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Real estate priorities

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Data tracking challenges

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Value of the physical workplace

Refocus and Rationalize the Workplace Report

"FM:Systems Study Finds Business Leaders Consider Reducing Real Estate Costs and Investing in the “Right” Workspace among Top Priorities, Yet 76% Lack the Space and Utilization Data to Make Informed Workplace Decisions