How The Pandemic Changes Workplace Drivers

The drop in workplace use triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a universal inquiry into the future of the office.

Many questions still remain: Will COVID-19 shift the focus from space-centric to human-centric measurements? Or will companies place greater priority on reducing expenses?  What will be the new role of the office? What kinds of performance indicators lend themselves to a people-centric workplace? What are drivers of the change? How do we plan and prepare for future disruptions?

Hear from Michael Gresty, VP Workplace Analytics, and Brian Haines, VP Strategy, as they discussed key performance indicators for the people-centric workplace that will help you re-enter your workplace and deliver data-driven insights to drive decisions in this new "normal."

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Understand how business disruptions and prolonged uncertainty ushered in by COVID-19 will transform the future workplace.
Learn how trends driving a greater focus on people over space will accelerate as employees return to the workplace.
Review the key performance indicators for the people-centric workplace for real estate and facilities.