People Over Place: How Actionable Facilities Data Helps Ensure a Safe Return & Management of the Workplace in Difficult Times

Many organizations lack the information needed to help them reduce the overall risk to their operations during unexpected events than can have a significant impact on the operations of their facilities and real-estate portfolios. Now that "return to work" operations have begun during this current COVID-19 pandemic, having immediate access to facility performance data is imperative. In this session we will discuss how information from multiple sources including environmental, utilization and sanitization can provide a comprehensive view into the health of your facilities to help ensure a safe return to the workplace for you occupants. 

Key takeaways from this webcast include:

  • Leveraging scenario planning to understand the different components, best and worse case scenarios, phasing and predictable outcomes
  • Understand how business disruptions and prolonged uncertainty ushered in by COVID-19 will transform the future workplace.
  • Learn how trends driving a greater focus on people over space will accelerate as employees return to the workplace. 
  • Review the key performance indicators for the people-centric workplace for real estate and facilities.