The Insight You've Been Missing to Increase Space Utilization and Workplace Efficiency

You’re a space planner for a corporation. Using workplace analytics software, you’ve calculated the company’s brand new, multi-million dollar building is only 40% utilized. Your boss needs you to dig in to where employees are physically spending most of their time throughout the workday, but you’re unsure where to start or what data to evaluate. Meet Rifiniti Mobility Flows.

Imagine having access to strategic insights needed to guide your decision making around reassigning seating, restacks for optimal collaboration, or reducing the time employees spend moving around. Our new Mobility Flows product provides answers to these major challenges. Visualize and quantify the movement of people from their designated home location to non-home locations using badge and WiFi data. Gain a never before seen perspective of actual trends and behavior on the ground to increase the utilization of your space.

Join us for a webcast as we explore how the Rifiniti Workplace Analytics platform in combination with Mobility Flows can empower you to make critical business decisions based on highly accurate space utilization trends to ensure optimal collaboration throughout your organization.

Key takeaways from this webcast include:

  • Understand how to calculate space utilization using existing building technology
  • Visualize and analyze how your employees move throughout your organization
  • Perform an accurate cost analysis of your building portfolio that can identify reduction opportunities across real estate and OPEX