How Accurate and Actionable Facilities Data Can Help Ensure Organizational Resilience and Business Continuity in Difficult Times 

Many organizations lack the information needed to help them reduce the overall risk to their operations during unexpected events that can have a significant impact on the operations of their facilities and real-estate portfolios. In this session, we will discuss how actionable and accurate data can help lay the framework for managing through unplanned or unexpected global or local incidents such as COVID-19. We’ll explore several use cases, including the impact of recent events, and how data and analytics can help you manage through disruptions to your facility operations.

Key takeaways from this webcast include:

  • Understanding the unique challenges of the COVID-19 crisis and potential future crises and how crises have forced us to broaden our planning initiatives
  • How accurate information can help you plan and execute your strategy and tactics during difficult times
  • Leveraging scenario planning to understand the different components, best and worse case scenarios, phasing and predictable outcomes