Maintenance Solutions for a Healthy & Safe Workplace

COVID-19 has brought us a lot of uncertainties but one thing that has become clear is that the way organizations manage their workplace and workforce has forever changed.

Many employees have valid concerns about the risk of being exposed to this pandemic in the workplace. The responsible management of building sanitation with visibility and accountability will be essential to establishing employee trust and confidence.

Join us for a demonstration where we will walk you through sanitization efforts you can implement at your organization that are both preventative and reactive. See how you can set-up regular cleaning schedules for common areas and how you can monitor workstation utilization with real-time reports that will help maintenance teams focus on high-traffic areas while ensuring individual workstations are disinfected every time they are used. 

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Watch to learn:

How you can monitor & maintain your workplace to be sure your new safe space processes are effective
Solutions that can help you ensure contamination areas are identified & contained via employee mobility tracking
How you can schedule maintenance reports for targeted cleaning based on workstation utilization