On average, organizations only utilize 35% of their workplace effectively. This is an enormous waste of resources and drain on budgets that could otherwise be invested back into the business and employees to achieve ‘future fit’ workplaces. Imagine what a major reallocation of capital and operating funds could do for new office layouts, improved technology, a more sustainable workplace design or employee wellness, to name a few.

Organizations are improving workplace effectiveness, and becoming future fit, by leveraging data analytics and IoT technologies that make the collection and tracking of space utilization data easier, more automated, and more accurate than ever before.

In this webcast, JLL and FM:Systems have partnered to share with you what defines future fit workplaces and reviews best practices for gathering data and accessing the analytics that enable organizations to make informed real estate and space planning decisions to achieve a smarter workplace.

Key takeaways from this webcast include:

  • Industry trends that will allow real estate and facility professionals to make critical business decisions based on highly accurate space utilization data
  • Actionable insights that will help organizations reduce costs while enabling better workspace design and increased workforce collaboration
  • How to Perform an accurate cost analysis of your building portfolio that can identify reduction opportunities across real estate and OPEX