It’s time to start asking yourself: Are your Facilities & Administrative (F&A) audits taking too much time and effort? Are you not getting the funding you were hoping for? Are you struggling to track and monitor research space allocations in the first place?

If your answers are yes, then accurate, real-time data is the key to your problems.


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Download the e-book on how technology optimizes space surveys & drives Indirect Cost Recovery (ICR) to learn:

maximize your indirect cost recovery
What you need to know to maximize your indirect cost recovery (ICR) rates to get the most federal funding possible
Indirect Cost Recovery Rate
How to understand the F&A proposal process to improve your Indirect Cost Recovery Rate
strategic data-driven business decisions
How to know the value of campus space to make strategic data-driven business decisions
Benefits of technology
How technology can help you eliminate invalid data, human error and multiple streams of information that aren’t in sync