Leveraging your existing technology to measure occupant and building data

If you are like most universities, you find IoT technologies interesting but they may seem like space age technology at the moment. With your physical space being a primary and costly asset, you need precise and defensible data in order to understand whether your facilities are being utilized in a way that supports the mission of your institution. What you may not know is that you probably already have access to rich, powerful smart building data that can provide metrics on real time occupancy and movement. Imagine having accurate data on exactly how your classrooms, administrative space, labs, libraries, student centers, etc. are utilized at all times at your fingertips. How would that impact your campus planning?

Learn how you can make manual spreadsheets a thing of the past, and instead leverage your existing IT infrastructure, including Wi-Fi and badging solutions, to perform science-based analytics on space utilization data.

Key takeaways from this webcast include:

  • How to easily implement an IoT strategy at your university without installing expensive hardware or sensor technology
  • Understanding what technologies are already in place at your institution that sense and gather data for space utilization reporting
  • What solutions can provide insight into how faculty, staff & students are engaging with your space