People Over Place: How Actionable Facilities Data Helps Ensure a Safe Return & Management of the Workplace in Difficult Times

Are you heading to the Future Offices Summer virtual conference? Learn how we can help you preparing for re-entry after the COVID-19 pandemic. Re-entry requires careful consideration and preparation of aspects that impact health and well-being of occupants. In a time of pandemic, this preparation includes but goes beyond traditional pre-return building risk assessments. FM:Systems provides technology enabling you to safely craft a re-entry plan focusing on these five key areas of focus:

    • Social Distancing Compliance
    • Flexible Work Strategies
    • Routine Building Sanitization
    • Contamination Response
    • Monitoring & Maintenance

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What's Taking Place

Virtual Booth
Catch us at our Virtual Booth and learn how we can help you create a safe workplace with technology. See a demo or learn about our Workplace Reopening Tracker and our endeavor to track the global return to work.
Virtual Keynote
Catch us at our keynote session August 4th from 12:35-1:05 PM EST. We'll talk about prioritizing people over place and how actionable facilities data helps ensure a safe return and management of the workplace in difficult times.
Brian Haines

Who will be speaking?

Brian Haines

Vice President of Strategy; FM:Systems

Brian Haines is a twenty year veteran of marketing and product management of Cloud and desktop products specifically created for the building industry. Brian is currently the Vice President of Strategy where he defines and communicates FM:System’s corporate strategy and provides key insights into the future of the industry and the evolving needs of the market and customer base.