There is no question that the state of the workforce is changing. Technology, economic forces, and employee demands for flexibility mean that organizations must adapt to new ways of attracting, engaging, and managing top talent. To support this trend and satisfy the ongoing needs of employees, organizations must invest in technology that will empower their employees to do their best work with greater efficiency.
That's why we've condensed the most-effective strategies, technologies, and analytics for managing the modern workforce into a live webcast. FM:Systems VP of Strategy, Brian Haines, discussed how workplace management technology provides HR professionals with the support they need to improve the employee experience and provide an engaging work environment.
Brian discussed ways organizations can improve workplace effectiveness and create an employee-first work environment by leveraging technology to better understand the new normal of when, where, and how people work. He explored how adapting your workplace to be employee-centered boosts productivity and helps you retain employees and attract top talent.
Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn how through the integration of workplace and workforce management technology, organizations and HR professionals can identify, plan & deliver the ideal workplace experience for each and every employee.

Key takeaways from this webcast include:

  • Technology and analytics that support employees needs to increase engagement, productivity and retention
  • Employee-facing technology including hoteling and room booking solutions that help them stay connected and make space reservations on the go
  • How a strong workplace management program improves employee satisfaction and well-being
  • Flexible workspace designs and solutions that provide organizations with the competitive advantage to attract top talent
  • Workplace trends that can ensure optimal employee collaboration and maximize space utilization