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Confidence out of Chaos

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Managing Unpredictability in the Workplace

Businesses are transitioning to a hybrid workplace model, actively redesigning physical spaces, adopting more digital processes and tools, and re-evaluating existing real estate portfolios.

Join us for a 3-part webcast series as we guide you through this transition and hear first-hand how other organizations are adapting to these changes.

Part 1

Adapting to Hybrid Workplace Trends

Each organization will have different hybrid strategies, but all will have two needs in common— ability to adapt their plans and good change management.

cheryl benningfield
Robert Norin

Cheryl Benningfield

Robert Norin

Space Planning Manager

University of North Texas

VP of Global Sales Enablement


Part 2

Enhancing Employee Experience in the Digital Workplace

The Office is becoming a destination. Focus on facilitating collaboration and the desire to enhance employee experience will drive many office redesigns. 

Anna Fletcher_circle
Adrian Mawdsley - The University of Nottingham

Anna Fletcher

Adrian Mawdsley

Manager of Global Sales Enablement 


Space Resource & Programme Manager

University of Nottingham

Part 3

Real Estate Portfolio Optimization

Over the next few years, we are going to see an historic reshuffling of real estate portfolios globally. Learn how to make the best possible strategic decisions.

brian bubble
Travis Kemp

Brian Haines

Travis Kemp

Chief Strategy Officer


VP of Product Management