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CFTA 2021 Virtual Conference

When: August 4-5, 2021

Where: Online

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What to Expect 

Join us online at the CFTA 2021 Virtual Conference this August. Attend our virtual conference session to hear how to to create an interactive Building Information Model (BIM) from scratch or schedule a meeting to learn how to reimagine and transform your workplace experience by enabling your organization to bring employees together in exceptional, healthy, and productive workplaces.

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What's Taking Place

Effective Decisions Through Data-Driven Insights

From Zero to BIM for
Operations at the Speed of Light

Join Brian Haines August 5th as he discusses and shows how facility teams can go from no drawings or models to having an interactive Building Information Model created and usable for operations in as little as a few hours. Learn how to obtaining highly accurate Point Cloud Data using Leica Geosystems scanners can accelerate the creation of high fidelity model data in a 3D environment that can easily be leveraged in FM:Systems Integrated Workplace Management Solution (IWMS).