At the Forefront of Change in Uncertain Times

During this time of uncertainty, the safety of the workplace has suddenly been thrust in the spotlight. Key to a successful return to the office, you find your role elevated as others look to you for guidance and assurance.  This is your opportunity to become a true leader, to recommend a variety of solutions to upper management and participate in key decisions. 

Never has using the right technology been more important than it is right now.  The flexibility to quickly alter the landscape and provide what/if scenarios to key stakeholders is essential.  Educated decisions need to be made, employees need to feel safe, and business must go on.  Join Global Technology Evangelist Lynn Allen as she shares insight into best practices and valuable technologies to secure your new role as a leader through this COVID Crisis and to prepare for the future.

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Key takeaways from this presentation:

Who, Where, and When
Gather insight into the best practices to secure your role as a leader through the COVID Crisis
space mgt
Learn about valuable technologies that are key to preparing for the future
Hear outside of the box ideas on workplace safety and wellbeing