Cross-departmental collaboration to build a thriving digital workplace

The nature of the pandemic and our collective ability to work remote will result in a paradigm shift in our view and expectations for flexible work. Organizations must find new ways to incorporate this new reality into company culture, and effectively communicate an agile plan to a distributed workforce. The key to successfully build this evolving digital workplace is through an emphasis on cross-departmental collaboration.

Tune in to a live panel from FM:Systems very own "COVID response" team consisting of Brian Haines, VP of Strategy, Deb Hill, Sr. Director of HR, and Glenn Hollingsworth, Sr. Director of IT, where shared first hand experiences with incorporating new policies and procedures for FM:Systems during the pandemic. They talked through how a collaborative approach by Facilities, HR, and IT is essential to ensure policies and technology changes are clearly and consistently communicated across the organization.

You'll learn how the trifecta of Facilities, HR, and IT represent the primary components for a successful digital workplace strategy encompassing the physical space, the employees and the technology that keep them all connected no matter where they are.

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Key considerations in planning your space & determining the solutions required to support your employees in 2021 & beyond
Why clear, frequent, and bi-directional communication with employees is a necessity in these uncertain times
How collaborating with FM, HR & IT in your decision-making process will result in solutions that have broader impact across your organization