How Boston University Capitalizes on Technology to Improve Efficiency and Accuracy of Campus Space

Gregg Snyder, Boston University's Assistant Vice President of Informatics & Strategic Initiatives, led a Q&A session on how Boston University utilizes facility management technology to get a strategic view of their campus data to mitigate risk, define opportunities for savings and improve campus-wide collaboration.

Watch the webcast to learn how to:

  • Have one central depository of data rather than multiple, disparate systems – ensuring the accuracy and integrity of campus data
  • Keep track of building-related assets and share data campus-wide to have the most safe, secure and attractive spaces
  • Report on financial data to track grant and award activity for sponsored programs
  • Make mergers an easy transition by automating the integration of new space data


Who will be speaking?

Gregg Snyder

Assistant VP of Informatics & Strategic Initiatives,
Boston University