As organizations expand, contract, merge, divest, promote, reorganize and re-engineer, there is a need to move people and departments. The typical modern organization will move at least half of its employees each year and that rate can often be much higher.

From a facility manager’s perspective, a major portion of a facility department’s time is devoted to move management. The importance of a well-run move process is clear.

From an employee’s perspective, frequent moves are disruptive and it is important that the process be as smooth as possible.

During this presentation you will learn about:

  • How understanding your organizations move management process is a critical component of effective facility management practice
  • The benefits of implementing an effective move management process at your organization
  • How an integration with a space management solution can provide you with accurate occupancy data
  • Recommended best practices that have been developed in the profession over the past decade
  • Emerging trends in move management that are affecting the move management process


Who will be speaking?

Michael Schley

Chairman of FM:Systems