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Overcoming Hybrid Workplace Obstacles

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Overcoming Hybrid Workplace Obstacles and Tackling Common Questions with your Peers

Interactive Facility & Real Estate Professional Roundtable with FMS & AMS 

As facility and real estate professionals enter the post-pandemic world it is and will be more important than ever to understand how the workplace will be utilized. It is probably safe to say that what worked pre-pandemic is not going to work in a post-pandemic world, but does anyone really know what the post-pandemic workplace looks like?  

Don't worry, you are not in this alone. Join FM:Systems, AMS Workplace Technology, and your fellow peers for an interactive roundtable where we will discuss how to overcome workplace obstacles and tackle common questions you have to manage this constant change that is part of our new norm. 


Dan Lorenz

Dan Lorenz


AMS Workplace Technology


Brian Haines

Chief Strategy Officer