Workplace Sensors

4 Types of Sensors for Better Workspace Management

Workplace Sensor Overview Video (10 min)
What are sensor solutions and how do they work? Watch as our experts talk through 4 common types of workplace sensors and how to use them.

Desk Sensors (5 min)
Utilization sensors detect the occupancy of each space via movement & heat for real-time utilization data.

Area Sensors (9 min)
Area sensors use thermal, Wi-Fi, or computer vision to see people & pinpoint their location onto a floor plan.

Environmental Sensors (5 min)
Ensure the health & safety of buildings by measuring a variety of environmental factors.

People-Counting Sensors (6 min)
Floor counters count the number of people in a space in real-time.

On-Demand: Sensors 101

Tune into the full Sensors 101 webcast as our panel of experts talk through benefits, considerations, & opportunities of sensor solutions.

  • Learn the basics of sensor technology, and key benefits 
  • Discover what type of sensor technology best fits the needs of your organization
  • Understand changes you can make that can lead to significant benefits & cost savings