Advice & solutions to build a healthy, high-functioning, digital workplace

The nature of the pandemic and our collective ability to work remote will result in a paradigm shift in our view and expectations for flexible work. Organizations must now decide how to incorporate this new reality into company policy and culture, how to efficiently manage it against real estate costs, and how to effectively communicate an agile plan to a distributed workforce.   

Join FM:Systems' Director of Product Marketing, Jennifer Heath, and Solutions Architect, Scott Richardson, for an on-demand webcast as they walk you through our "2021 Workplace Planning Workbook" that offers practical advice in an interactive format to help you plan a 2021 workplace strategy that is employee-centric, flexible, and resilient.  

In this webcast, we explore several key themes from the workbook such as cost savings and change management and will also showcase FM:Systems workplace solutions that will help you lay the foundation for your digital workplace going into 2021 and beyond.   

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Practical workplace solutions for the current and post-pandemic workplace 
Advice for building a healthy, high-functioning, digital workplace with cross-departmental collaboration
Cost Savings Opportunities including real estate optimization & flexible work strategies
Key considerations to prepare for change management and a long-term culture shift