Brian Haines
VP of Marketing



Simply stated, Space Management involves the management of a company’s physical space inventory.

Every organization manages their space one way or another—whether it is through an automated space management solution or with pen and paper, Excel spreadsheets or CAD drawings. This includes tracking and maintaining your space and occupancy information—identifying who sits where, understanding how much space your organization has and how it's being used, and projecting how much you will need in the future.

So, why do you need a space management solution? Organizations are breaking away from managing their space using colored pencils and printed out floor plans and moving towards an automated solution to automate their facilities processes and in turn reduce their occupancy costs, make the most out of their existing space and increase overall productivity throughout the entire organization.

During this presentation you will learn about:
  • What a space management solution is and why you should move towards an automated process to manage your facilities
  • How implementing a space management solution can save your organization time, money and resources
  • What questions you should be asking when looking for a solution that can support your organizations business needs