What is IoT?

You'll find a variety of definitions, but you won't be able to find what you're really looking for: "What does IoT mean for me?" 

Here, you'll find resources to help you navigate this new world of connectivity - what it means for you, your company, and your future.

What is IoT - Whitepaper

Get access to this seven page guide that discusses what IoT is and how it can improve operations to gather greater insights for data-driven decision making.

What You'll Get

  • High-level overview of IoT
  • New Information Networks
  • The Internet of Things and Buildings
  • Operations & Maintenance
  • Substance in sustainability
  • Enhanced building performance
  • Better portfolio risk management and liquidity
  • And much more

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Our Gifts to You

Check out these free resources we've made specifically for your quest to understand IoT.

The Future of Utilization Webinar

The Future of Utilization: Do You Really Know How Your Space is Being Used?

Does BIM have a role in IoT?

Our VP of Marketing Brian Haines gives his thoughts on the relationship between BIM and IoT in this blog post.

Press Release - Real Time Utilization

FM:Systems Partners with CoWorkr to bring real-time space utilization analysis to the building industry

IoT and the Future of Utilization Demonstration

This webinar explores emerging new Internet of Things (IoT) technologies relating to occupancy sensing and mobile devices that are enabling organizations to better track real-time utilization.

We discussed the benefits and limitations of different occupancy utilization tracking methods, tools, and workflows which can help you better understand how your space is really being used.

View the recorded webinar

Real-time People Sensing

FM:Systems integration with Hella 3D stereoscopic cameras enables you to see real time occupancy on FM:Interacts FMx5 Floor Plan viewer. The video below shows a conference room with a maximum capacity of 7 on the left and has a real-time feed of people walking in and out of that conference room on the right. You can see while people enter the conference room, the floor plan is updated in real-time with the amount of people in the room and once capacity has been reached, the counter turns red. This integration allows you to better analyze your data by seeing the real-time occupancy of your facility space and can also be used to maintain safety regulations and requirements.