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It's all about ME.

FM:Interact bookME is all about the Mobile Employee (ME). bookME extends the functionality of FM:Interact’s industry leading Space Management solution to the entire organization by enabling employees to view room availability and reserve spaces with a user-friendly mobile interface.

No more wasting time looking for an available conference room. No more walking to the other side of the building to see that someone else is already in your reserved space. 

Find out how bookME can help streamline your dynamic workplace.

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Our gifts to you

Enjoy these resources to learn more about how bookME can help you manage your workplace

bookME Webinar

Reserve flexible office space when you need it with FM:Interact bookME

This webinar discussed how bookME can enable you to:
  • Quickly and easily see room availability from a distance
  • Create an instant meeting outside a conference room
  • Automatically vacate meetings when attendees fail to show


Space Reservation Module

Space When You Need It

The FM:Interact Space Reservation module provides functionality for both hoteling and conference room scheduling to meet today’s rapidly evolving demands to manage employees who are highly mobile and can work anytime and anywhere.

The FM:Interact Hoteling capability enables organizations to provide a method for allowing employees to reserve work space on an as-needed rather than a constantly reserved basis.


FM:Systems Space Reservation App

FM:Systems Space Reservation App enables you to create and manage room reservations on the go.